Company Overview

"Delivering growth powered by internet and technology."

IntraSoft Technologies Limited has been in the e-commerce business since its inception. Our foundations originate from our love for the internet. We believe in empowering people and in turn, empowering society through the power of the internet and technology. We inculcate and embody this thought in every step of the way.

Leveraging the Power of ‘e’

At IntraSoft Technologies, we believe the internet’s potential to create economic opportunities has just begun and the scope is limitless. It is not always about one great innovation but about little innovations every day, week and month in an attempt to make something a little better. And that is what we are adamantly doing every day.

Using Technology as an Enabler

We are an internet company that has capitalized on its technological resources and expertise to enable business growth benefitting stakeholders at all levels. Our in-house technology has allowed us to automate and improve all business functions giving us a major competitive edge over others in our field.

Customer-Focus is the Key to our Success

In today’s information economy, it is most important to ensure that at every point of interaction with the customer, a ‘wow’ experience is created. From the very beginning, we have strived to keep our customers at the heart of what we do are proud to have won the hearts of millions by providing them a unique online experience.

Value Creation for Stakeholders

We take our stakeholders’ expectations very seriously and are constantly trying to optimize all our resources to ensure they benefit from their association with us and grow with us at every step.

Our Strengths

We spend all our energies to ensure our strengths are optimally utilised and we try improving our systems and processes bit by bit, day by day. As a corporate, we have realized that the following are our biggest strengths:


With our foundations laid out in the late 90s, we have been able to create a brand image and business models that reflect stability for all our stakeholders & partners.


While understanding that business stability is important, we have kept our focus on our long-term vision and ways to achieve it.


Our industry’s dynamic nature has prepared us to build models & platforms that are scalable and can handle big numbers.



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