Our technology edge enables us to cater to a wide customer base resulting in a large volume of orders. We rely on our proprietary web-based ERP solution to deliver millions of orders across the U.S market, in the fastest time possible. The complex business algorithm of our proprietary technology is the prime enabler of business value in this context.

Robust Order
Management System

The entire objective of building this robust technology model is to delight each and every customer we serve, at every step, with every interaction they have with us.


Our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) bring marketplace orders to our proprietary solution. We have achieved 100% automation in our ecosystem.

Received Orders

Orders pass through multiple automated system checks to increase the accuracy of the downstream processes. Over 95% orders are verified automatically leaving the remainder for human intervention.

Placing Orders with
Supplier Partners

Our systems determine the most logical and cost-effective method to fulfill the order. 98%+ orders are placed with no human intervention.

Receiving Shipping
Information from Suppliers

We have APIs to bring shipping information into our ERP solution which run at specific intervals creating environments of efficiency. 97%+ shipping information is updated automatically and 96%+ orders are shipped on time.

Real-Time Tracking of
Packages until Delivery

Our APIs allow us to track the movement of packages in real time giving us insight into current location and estimated delivery time on a minute by minute basis. The outcome is 98%+ orders are delivered on time!

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