Chairman's Message

Dear Shareholders,

As I write, we stand amidst the biggest crisis of our lives - the COVID-19 pandemic. The scale and nature of this crisis could have long-lasting socio-economic repercussions on shopping behaviour. The combination of lockdowns and social distancing has translated into faster e-commerce migration.

The message going out is that e-commerce can no longer be an appendage for brands; it needs to be central to their business model. We understand, and are prepared to play, our role in delivering online success to our brand partners.

IntraSoft acts as a bridge between product-driven brands and the consumer-facing marketplaces. We leverage rich ground-level experiences, derived from the millions of orders processed, to take brands online efficiently and deliver marketplace success on the bedrock of technology.

We believe that IntraSoft is business ready, as brands increase their online focus to be where their consumers are shopping. The decision we took in FY2018-19 to temporarily shift focus from scaling towards getting our operational parameters in place, has put us in the right place at the right time.

Across the foreseeable future, we intend to continue investing in our technology. Right from onboarding a brand, to the cataloguing of its products, to pricing, to fulfilment, to after-sales; technology gives us efficiency and the operational agility to adapt to the ever-evolving online ecosystem. In a world where the goalpost keeps moving in terms of market needs, we see our technology competence as the cornerstone of business growth.

What makes us optimistic is the compelling value we deliver to the brands. IntraSoft plays the role of a marketplace partner. While we address the needs of the marketplace, the brand partners are liberated to do what they are best at - creating a better product. Our marketplace credentials enhance their online image, boosting market visibility.

We believe that by playing a role that is business-strengthening for the brands, we offer a value proposition that will only deepen in the foreseeable future.

Warm regards,

Arvind Kajaria
Managing Director
30 June 2020

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