Value Proposition for Stakeholders

Our E-Commerce Division has been a key element for the success of all its stakeholders i.e. suppliers, marketplaces, logistics partners and customer.


  • Improves sales by taking the products online allowing them to be product-focused.
  • Gives easy access to multiple retailers without any incremental cost.
  • Provides a seamless process for order placement, catalog, inventory, shipments, payments and returns.
  • Ensures brand integrity by maintaining a consistent value proposition across all retail channels.
  • Allows products to be made available for sale on real-time.


  • Enhances the product portfolio by providing access to multiple new vendors at no incremental cost.
  • Provides superior shopping experience - unique and seamless product availability, delivery, management and customer service.
  • Connects customers to a wide range of products at zero management cost.
  • Enhances brand value by providing a consistent shopping experience - Single point of contact vs. multiple vendors.

Logistics Partners

  • Offers significant scale advantage by providing bulk business each time.
  • Ensures seamless order placement using the proprietary platform.
  • Gives access to a dedicated relationship managers.
  • Maintains long-standing business partnerships with key logistics partners.


  • Provides quality post-sales support.
  • Ensures low risk and secure shopping experience because of strong vendor management.
  • Provides superior price points and better inventory management.
  • Keeps engaged with customers till successful completion of the transaction.
  • Provides a ‘wow’ experience to our customers each time they are served.
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